XBIZ LA 2011 Review

I guess it was Tuesday, the second day of XBIZ LA 2011, that I was talking to Andrew of Vsex.com. He asked me how the show was for me. I started talking about how much business was getting done, how good the seminars were, how everyone seemed to be there for business instead of a party. He stopped me, laughing, suggesting that I was giving a promo for the show. In a way I was, because I always start writing these reviews in my head long before I actually type them out and this show really had a lot to talk about.

XBIZ LA 2011 was a three day, B2B trade show for the online adult entertainment industry. Held at the Sofitel, in Hollywood, CA XBIZ LA included seminars, demonstrations, speed networking and a Mix & Meet Marketplace. In addition to the Internet based trade show, the 9th Annual XBIZ Awards was held along with a new event, XBIZ Retail 2011.

The Seminars

I know I have mentioned it before, but it seems that show organizers are concentrating more on providing an educational format to these B2B events, and it appears that show attendees are responding in a positive manner. It seems that the seminars are not only well attended, but the information provided at even one seminar justifies the price of a pass. A great example of this was the Traffic Master Class held by Brad Gosse. As I looked around the room, I noticed that it was packed with n00bs and veterans alike. I read comments by people on various webmaster boards afterward, and it seems that those in attendance that put Brad’s recommendations to work were already seeing positive results.


Keynote Speech by Allison Vivas

This was just one example of the educational benefits of attending the seminars. Another standing room only event was the Keynote speech given by Allison Vivas of Pink Visual. She laid out a great retrospective of her experience in the adult industry. It was interesting in that issues that affected her company were issues that were dealt with by everyone, in one form or another.


Allison Vivas, Pink Visual

I also have to make a quick comment about the Speed Networking event. As I write this, I can not help but to think back to when shows first started offering them. Trying to get people to participate seemed like a real chore. Attendance, in a word, sucked. How things have changed. Both days, the Speed Networking was packed and it was so loud people were leaning across the table to hear each other. I guess that is a good problem to have.

The XBIZ Awards

I am afraid I do not have much to say about the awards. Even though I have never had issues bringing a camera inside for prior years, and I had been given the impression weeks earlier that all was good, I was notified on the day of the event that my camera would not be allowed. As a result, I shot the red carpet, but did not attend the awards show itself. I heard it was a nice venue.

XBIZ Retail 2011

As soon as XBIZ LA ended, XBIZ Retail began. This was the first year for this event, so I was not really sure what to expect. I came out the first day and was impressed with the number of vendors that XBIZ came up with for their first event. The vendors were primarily brick and mortar types of companies, with the emphasis on the adult retail marketplace. There were seminars and keynote speakers for this event as well, however, as I had a scheduling conflict I was unable to attend any of them. I would say, based on my limited attendance, that the retail show seemed to be successful in the amount of vendors that attended, although I have no clue what it was like as far as potential customers. I would suggest that if you deal with hard goods and you are going to be around the next time XBIZ has a retail show (you know they will), it is probably worth stopping by.

XBIZretail 2011

XBIZ Retail 2011 Exhibitor - Papaya Toys


You know, it does not really matter what I thought of the show in total. They could have dropped the XBIZ Awards, held XBIZ Retail on another date, made us pay for our own lunches. The seminars alone made this show worth attending. My last review talked about the food, the venue, the meet and greet, but they all paled in comparison to this year’s show. I frequently read that the adult Internet shows are tailored more towards big companies, that if you are an affiliate, trade shows are a waste of money. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to XBIZ LA 2011. The fact of the matter is, if you are an affiliate and you passed up this show because you did not see the potential value in attending, you blew it.

I agree, in recent years the shows have seemed to be targeting program owners. Times are changing. I have mentioned frequently that trade shows these days are tailored more towards business and less towards the party. XBIZ LA 2011 was a shining example of that. If future shows provide the same kind of value as XBIZ LA 2011 did, there is no reason why there can not be a resurgence in the adult Internet industry.

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