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Photos from the XBIZEU London bus tour

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

By Sunday, XBIZEU was thinning out as attendees headed home or off to Munich. About 30 of us got on a 3WaysCash sponsored double-decker bus and Damian Jennings provided the narrative in a way only he can do. It was a great way to catch a quick view of London before taking off to the airport. Everyone had a great time on this expedition. I know it was the most entertaining tour I have taken. (more…)

Photos from XBIZEU 2011, London day two

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

These photos are from day two of the online adult B2B conference, XBIZEU 2011, held at the Bloomsbury Street Hotel, London. Day two featured speed networking, more seminars, a Q&A about the future of the industry and a Mix & Meet Market. The day ended with a pub crawl sponsored by Netbilling. It was a great opportunity to network, sight-see and try a variety of English brews. (more…)

Photos from XBIZEU 2011, London day one

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

These photos are from day one of the adult Internet b-to-b conference, XBIZEU 2011. I arrived on the first day, but the cab ride from the airport was very long and as a result, I arrived a little later than planned. When I arrived I could see that the seminars had respectable sized audiences, but when the .XXX debate between Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition and Stuart Lawley of ICM Registry began, the room quickly filled. Unfortunately, not much in the way of useful information was provided.

We did have the pleasure of a visit from a group of British feminists that decided to hold a protest out front of the Bloomsbury Street Hotel, to the chagrin of the hotel and the delight of any show attendees that happened to be outside at the time. The evening ended with two parties. First, Porn at the Pub, sponsored by Epoch, Hustler and Gamma at the Carpenters Arms pub. Later, CellCast & Peekaboo TV sponsored the London Opening Bash, which was a great time (understatement). (more…)