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Mobius Payments Now Offering Enhanced Chargeback Protection

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Los Angeles, California – August 2, 2016 – Just as brick and mortar store owners accept shoplifting as one of the “costs of doing business”, anyone selling digital goods and services, or processing any online monetary transactions has similarly accepted chargebacks as one their costs of doing business.

Mobius Payments has announced that they are now offering Mobius Chargeback Resolution Service; a managed chargeback prevention service that results in credit card issuers redirecting chargeback requests to a resolution network rather than proceeding with the processing of the chargeback.

Mobius Chargeback Resolution Service resolves chargeback disputes, whether they are legitimate, fraudulent or buyer’s remorse, before the chargeback process begins by providing merchants with the first right to resolve the problem. (more…)