Photos from Saturday at the 2018 Phoenix Forum

These photos are from Saturday at The Phoenix Forum 2018, an adult industry trade show which was held at the Tempe Mission Palms, in Tempe, Arizona.

After two days of networking and educational panels and seminars, Saturday was set aside as being “Pool Day” with all the events of the day being held either in the pool or in the general pool area. Luckily, the weather was just right, which meant people were not hiding in the shelter of an air conditioned location.

As this is an especially large gallery, I will link to where each set begins. The photos begin with the poolside lunch and transitions to the Drinks, Nibbles & Bikinis at the AVSecure and MojoHost pool villa; followed by CCBill’s Beer Pong. This was the first time in I am not sure how long that there was no naked dodgeball, instead we were treated to a game of naked volleyball with teams made up of cam girls, web girls, and strippers from Scottsdale Party Strippers, who were also found nightly at the Speakeasy late night suites.

After naked volleyball, MojoHost and AVSecure sponsored a wet t-shirt contest, which was followed by a wet speedo contest and was sponsored by CCBill and MojoHost. As usual, the day’s photos end with the Speakeasy late night suites which was sponsored by Buddy Profits, CCBill, Paxum, Vice Industry Token, and Webmaster Access.

As I reflect back on this past weekend I have to say that while the show may have been slightly different with lower attendance, I remember making the same observation about Internext when it moved to the Hard Rock. It is about evolution and I am sure The Phoenix Forum will continue to be one of those “must attend” events.

The panels and seminars were set up nicely with one room handling the technological and general business topics; a second room dealt with social media and several “Real or Hype” discussions; with the third room being primarily issues and topics dealing with the cam industry.

As a few people mentioned, sometimes the smaller attendance makes it a lot easier when it comes to meeting new people and arriving to prearranged meetings on time.

Of course, The Phoenix Forum is more than just education, networking, and partying; it is really like a family reunion if you actually looked forward to reuniting with family.

Congratulations and thanks to CCBill and all the show sponsors, and the entire staff of the Tempe Mission Palms for putting on another successful Phoenix Forum; with special thanks to my photo sponsor, Vacares. I hope to see everyone in Tempe again next year.

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Back to Photos from Pool Day at the 2018 Phoenix Forum

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