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Day three of adult trade show, XBIZ 360

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

These photos are from Friday, day three of the XBIZ 360 adult industry conference held at the Sofitel Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Friday was another day devoted to the digital media (Internet) and film content sides of the adult industry. The day started with Speed Networking for the digital media conference and an entertaining panel on the behind the scenes aspect of the adult film industry. The day included panels on Scaling Adult Websites and E-Billing Adult Entertainment for the Digital Media Conference and included Mainstreaming Erotica and the Death of DVD for the Film Content Conference. Additional panels included Beyond DMCA: The Fight Against Piracy and The Future of Digital Adult Entertainment and The Future of Adult Entertainment Film. The day ended with a pre-awards happy hour.

All in all this was a very good show with a lot of valuable information provided and a very good turnout. These days adult conferences seems to be getting smaller but XBIZ 360 seems like it was bigger than XBIZ LA last year. XBIZ and Alec Helmy should be congratulated. These photos were sponsored by the only search engine just for .XXX domains, (more…)

Day two of XBIZ 360 at The Sofitel, Hollywood

Friday, January 11th, 2013

These photos are from day two of the adult industry trade event, XBIZ 360, which is being held at the Sofitel Hotel in Hollywood, CA. XBIZ 360 is a new concept for XBIZ in which they are combining six trade shows into one; with day one consisting primarily of the Adult Retail Conference and the Pleasure Products Conference and day two being the Film/Content Conference and the Digital Media Conference.

The Film/Content side of the conference had panel discussions of topics including Top-Selling Genres in Adult Entertainment Today and Adult Entertainment Delivered: The New Spectrum of Distribution; while the Digital Media Conference included Speed Networking and a very entertaining discussion by Brad Gosse on Selling Adult Entertainment in Today’s ‘Free’ Economy. If you ever have an opportunity to hear Brad talk, take advantage of it. He has a “no punches pulled” style that is just as informative as it is entertaining. There were two keynote speeches given, one by XBIZ founder and CEO, Alec Helmy for the Digital Media side; and John Stagliano for the film/content side. As I have been involved with Helmy Enterprises almost from the beginning of my time with the adult industry, I found it interesting to hear his perspective and thoughts of the future for adult. The day ended for me with the Mix & Meet Market. (more…)

Day one of the 2013 XBIZ 360 trade show

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

These photos are from day one of the adult industry trade show, XBIZ 360, held at the Sofitel Hotel in Hollywood. XBIZ is doing something a little different this year. Last year they had XBIZ LA for the Internet webmasters at the Sofitel, then had their retail and media shows at a different location. This year they are having six events, with five of them being held at the Sofitel with the sixth event being the XBIZ Awards which will be Friday at the Century Plaza Hotel.

Today they had the Adult Retail Conference and the Pleasure Products Conference; with the topics ranging from Selling Sex Products Online to The Future of Pleasure Products. They had six panels in all and two keynote speakers for each conference; Ethan Imboden of Jimmyjane for the Pleasure Products Conference and Phyllis Heppenstall of Peekay for the Retail Conference. I have to say, there were some very interesting conversations. (more…)