Day three of adult trade show, XBIZ 360

These photos are from Friday, day three of the XBIZ 360 adult industry conference held at the Sofitel Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Friday was another day devoted to the digital media (Internet) and film content sides of the adult industry. The day started with Speed Networking for the digital media conference and an entertaining panel on the behind the scenes aspect of the adult film industry. The day included panels on Scaling Adult Websites and E-Billing Adult Entertainment for the Digital Media Conference and included Mainstreaming Erotica and the Death of DVD for the Film Content Conference. Additional panels included Beyond DMCA: The Fight Against Piracy and The Future of Digital Adult Entertainment and The Future of Adult Entertainment Film. The day ended with a pre-awards happy hour.

All in all this was a very good show with a lot of valuable information provided and a very good turnout. These days adult conferences seems to be getting smaller but XBIZ 360 seems like it was bigger than XBIZ LA last year. XBIZ and Alec Helmy should be congratulated. These photos were sponsored by the only search engine just for .XXX domains,

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Back to Photos of Day 3 at XBIZ 360

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