2014 XBIZ 360, Day 2: Business, Education & Networking

Thursday was day two of the adult entertainment B-to-B event, XBIZ 360 being held at the W Hollywood Hotel. Today was the second day of the three day event and the first of the two dedicated to the digital media (Internet) and film content (video) sides of the industry. The day began with a couple of hours of speed networking for the Internet side while the video side had a two seminars; one was about 2257 inspections and the other was about condoms in porn. There were various panels and workshops throughout the day as well as keynotes by Anthony Previte of FriendFinder Networks and Scott Taylor of New Sensations.

After a brief interlude the main floor of the hotel was ready for the mix and meet; I think it was there that it became clear that this was a very well attended event. Any speculation that the timing of this show was all wrong were laid to rest, in my opinion anyway.

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Back to Day 2 of 2014 XBIZ 360

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