Advertising & Branding Opportunities, Services Offered

Pimps Promo is expanding its webmaster services and including photos and reviews of webmaster events. In business since July 2003, Pimps Promo initially began as an advertising brokerage. Over the years, Pimps Promo has evolved into a full service webmaster company, with the addition of branding, escrow and domain sales being incorporated into the list of services provided. So, how can Pimps Promo help you?


Pimps Promo offers multiple branding methods with the ability to target adult or mainstream audiences.

  • Ad space on photo galleries posted on are available for adult audiences.
  • Ad space on photo galleries posted on are available for mainstream audiences.
  • Photos posted on or can be watermarked with your company banner.
  • Photos posted on adult webmaster boards such as GFY can be watermarked with your company banner.
  • Articles posted on can be written about, and include anchor text pointing to, your site.
  • Same day galleries and reviews posted.

  • Press Releases and Public Relations

    Pimps Promo knows how to write quality press releases that will attract not only views from human eyes, but the valuable search engine spiders as well. Do not accept substandard press releases. Often times, these releases are the first contact a reader may have with your company. It does not make sense to have a poorly written press release be the first impression a potential customer or client has of you. First impressions cannot be made over. Do it right the first time. We have years of press release writing in our portfolio with as much experience in the mainstream side of the Internet as adult.

    Designers, Programmers and Content Providers

    If you are a service provider Pimps Promo can help you with referrals as well as acting as an escrow service. As you are certainly aware, securing the job is only half the battle. Getting paid can be a task in of itself. Pimps Promo will not only assist you in getting that design or programming job, but we will also act as an escrow service which provides security for both you and your client. With monies secured, you can proceed with the new task knowing that upon completion payment will be received in a timely manner. Your client no longer needs to worry about whether or not the job will be completed after they make their pre-payment. Pimps Promo will release no funds until both parties are satisfied that the project has been completed to satisfaction.


    Whether you are looking to buy ad space or sell ad space, Pimps Promo is for you! We will target webmasters or surfers, according to your needs. As the owner of a webmaster bbs, an affiliate program, blog, TGP or any other resource site, Pimps Promo will handle your marketing and free up your valuable time for other projects. Content providers, traffic brokers, hosting companies need our one-stop location to locate sites on which to advertise. Anyone who offers webmaster goods or services will benefit. Rates are available for exclusive and non-exclusive arrangements.

    Domains, Sites and Programs

    We have brokered sales of numerous domains, web sites and other programs. We have the experience and the trust level required to expedite the communication between the buyer and seller to ensure a smooth transaction, every time. If you are seeking domains please contact us for our current list of available domains. If you wish to sell a domain, please contact us to get your domain entered into our system.


    Pimps Promo owner, baddog, has long been known for connectivity. If you offer a service that does not fall under any of the categories listed above and feel it is one that should be promoted here, please contact us to provide details.

    For more details, please contact me directly.