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PimpsPromo urges No on LA County Measure B

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

With the elections coming around in a few days, I thought I would give my opinion about a really dumb measure that is coming before the voters of Los Angeles County; that would be the Los Angeles Porn Actors Required to Wear Condoms Act, Measure B. You know, I may point out problems in someone’s argument, but that does not mean I do not agree with their position. I think the fact that this is even on the ballot is a huge waste of taxpayer’s money, and enforcement is going to be cost ridiculous. No way are a few companies going to cover the cost involved with that; another levy on the rest of us. The point is, it is a waste of money we do not have to waste. I am not suggesting that condoms should not be used or at least offered to performers. I have read several reasonable suggestions; Measure B is not one of them. Vote NO on MEASURE B, please.

Vote No On Measure B


XBIZ 360° Adult Entertainment Conference and XBIZ Awards coming soon

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

I am happy to announce that PimpsPromo will be attending and photographing the upcoming adult trade show, XBIZ 360° Adult Entertainment Conference and the XBIZ Awards. The event is scheduled to run from January 9-12, 2013 at the Sofitel Hotel in Hollywood; with the XBIZ Awards being held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City on January 11, 2013.

Formerly known as XBIZ LA, last years event included multiple events at different locations. This year the adult trade show has been renamed XBIZ 360° and while there are still the film/content, sex toys and the brick-and-mortar/e-commerce products sub-conferences, they have all been integrated with the conference for adult Internet marketers to all be held at the same location; thus XBIZ 360°. This show will cover all aspects of the adult industry.

XBIZ LA stats

Rankings for XBIZ LA pics

The 2013 XBIZ Awards will be held at the luxurious Century Plaza Hotel and hosted by porn superstar, Tera Patrick. This year there will be over 150 categories under the Movies & Production, Pleasure Products, Web & Technology, Retail & Distributions groups with four special honoree awards. If history is any indicator, this should be a fun event. You can find details for all the events and conferences at Members of qualify for free or discounted show registration based on their qualifications. Standard online registration is $200, on site $300. (more…)

ICM Registry launches .XXX search engine

Monday, October 1st, 2012

When ICM Registry was promoting the idea of the .xxx top level domain extension one of the perks that was heralded to potential buyers was the implementation of a search engine specifically for .xxx domains. That day has arrived with the launch of the .XXX search engine.

Originally scheduled to launch on September 28, press releases had been sent out to the mainstream media prior to the 28th and the media could not risk being scooped, so many of them announced the launch ahead of time. This resulted in ICM releasing the search engine a little early so they could take advantage of the additional traffic they, and the .xxx domain owners, might receive.

Unlike other “porn specific” search engines that have been attempted in the past, the .XXX search engine will only crawl domains with the .xxx extension. According to the Search.XXX Policies and Principles page, the search engine will crawl developed .XXX websites that contain adult entertainment content only. If the domain is parked, it will not be crawled. While it does not crawl dotcoms, they do give instructions on how to forward your .xxx site to your .com using your DNS “A” record so you can still take advantage of their traffic. (more…)