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Photos from the FSC Summit 2012

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

These photos are from the first ever FSC Summit, put on by the Free Speech Coalition and held at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills. As this adult industry summit was held just two days after LA County Measure B was passed, the timing was ideal and probably contributed to the high attendance even though there did not seem to be a lot of pre-show advertising. Topics discussed included emerging world markets, the story behind Measure B and what will happen now as well as diversification of marketing of adult products. I had a prior engagement scheduled so I could not stay until the end, but there will be an awards presentation later.

I only heard about this event two or three days ago so I was pleasantly surprised at the attendance which seemed to be between 200-300 people. The panelists included the lobbyists that presented their ideas on what is on the horizon for the adult industry. One might be surprised to learn that the sky is not falling . . . yet. The fight against Measure B proved that the adult industry has friends in the mainstream, but they need to discontinue the policy of trying to stay under the radar. Adult is an industry, and it is our job to make sure other businesses know it. (more…)

PimpsPromo urges No on LA County Measure B

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

With the elections coming around in a few days, I thought I would give my opinion about a really dumb measure that is coming before the voters of Los Angeles County; that would be the Los Angeles Porn Actors Required to Wear Condoms Act, Measure B. You know, I may point out problems in someone’s argument, but that does not mean I do not agree with their position. I think the fact that this is even on the ballot is a huge waste of taxpayer’s money, and enforcement is going to be cost ridiculous. No way are a few companies going to cover the cost involved with that; another levy on the rest of us. The point is, it is a waste of money we do not have to waste. I am not suggesting that condoms should not be used or at least offered to performers. I have read several reasonable suggestions; Measure B is not one of them. Vote NO on MEASURE B, please.

Vote No On Measure B