Mobius Payments Now Offering Enhanced Chargeback Protection

Los Angeles, California – August 2, 2016 – Just as brick and mortar store owners accept shoplifting as one of the “costs of doing business”, anyone selling digital goods and services, or processing any online monetary transactions has similarly accepted chargebacks as one their costs of doing business.

Mobius Payments has announced that they are now offering Mobius Chargeback Resolution Service; a managed chargeback prevention service that results in credit card issuers redirecting chargeback requests to a resolution network rather than proceeding with the processing of the chargeback.

Mobius Chargeback Resolution Service resolves chargeback disputes, whether they are legitimate, fraudulent or buyer’s remorse, before the chargeback process begins by providing merchants with the first right to resolve the problem.

As Mobius Payments CEO Mia Zhu explained it, “Most chargeback disputes would probably be resolved if the buyer took the time to contact the merchant ahead of time; but the reality is, very few buyers reach out to the merchant until after they have started the chargeback process; and by that time there is very little the merchant can do other than take the time to fight it or accept the chargeback and the accompanying fees.”

“No one likes giving a refund, but if the choice is a refund or a chargeback, the smart option is usually to just issue the refund and avoid fees associated with chargebacks and risk having your processing rates penalized. Mobius Chargeback Resolution Service allows the merchant to deal directly with the dispute before it becomes a chargeback; we have seen this system lower chargebacks significantly for merchants”, Mia added.

When a merchant signs up with Mobius Chargeback Resolution Service they receive the complete service package of Mobius Payments’ backend chargeback remediation service. These services now include Prevention, Remediation, Recovery of Funds, Retrieval, Chargeback Case Files, and now, Mobius Chargeback Resolution Service. Talk to your Mobius Payments representative today to take control of your chargeback disputes.

About Mobius Payments:

Mobius Payments, Inc. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and offers comprehensive and cutting-edge electronic payment processing solutions. We are your premier business partner in facilitating the acceptance of electronic payments for your products and services both online and on the go; featuring a fully secure end-to-end global payment solution supporting all major credit cards, 36 global currencies, support for a variety of integrated shopping carts, ACH, and a wide range of custom-tailored solutions for your business. Mobius Payments is your reliable and strong business partner specializing in high-risk merchant accounts in the US, EU, and Asia.

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