IFFOR releases Green Paper on reducing online piracy

I have just received a copy of a Green Paper released by the International Foundation for Online Responsibility (IFFOR) that provides six suggestions on ways online adult companies can help themselves when it comes to reducing and combating online piracy of their adult content. There is no question that online piracy is one of the biggest issues for adult companies, and while some of the suggestions seem like common sense, sometimes it takes a reminder.

The six suggestions are as follows:

1) Register the copyright for your content
2) Watermark or fingerprint your content
3) Engage a DMCA agent
4) Report abuse to search engines
5) Report abuse to payment processors
6) Take legal action

“This paper is just the start of the compilation of the various ways for the industry to deal with piracy. We view it as a resource and will update it as other methods are available. I want to thank Trieu Hoang, General Counsel at AbbyWinters and Chair of IFFOR’s Piracy Working Group who spearheaded this effort along with attorney Chad Belville for their help on this paper – this report would not have been possible without their expertise.” said Joan Irvine, executive director, IFFOR.

As many of you have heard, AdultKing on GFY has had some great success in his efforts with shutting down file lockers, so I think it is safe to say that if companies use all the suggestions provided they can do a lot towards helping keep their online business afloat and minimize the theft of their content.

You can download the Green Paper in PDF format at http://iffor.org/sites/default/files/IFFOR%20Piracy%20Green%20Paper%20Sep12_2.pdf

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