Time again for the European shows

It is that time of year again, when it is time to start planning for the adult webmaster B-to-B shows that are being held in Europe. The first show of interest is The Barcelona Summit, which will be followed by Webmaster Access in Amsterdam. The Barcelona Summit will be held September 21-24, 2010 at the Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa in Barcelona, Spain. Webmaster Access will be Held September 24-26 at the Park Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The combination of having these two shows happening one after the other is great for those of us based in the United States. While some may find it difficult to justify the cost of a trans-Atlantic flight to attend one show, having both shows occur consecutively makes it difficult to not make the journey. I am a firm believer that coming to Europe to meet your potential clients shows them that you are serious about getting their business. I have traveled to Europe four times in the last few years and I always come away with new business, so I feel this confirms my opinion.

I will be representing PimpsPromo.com as well as GotWebHost.com on this trip. As usual, I will be photographing both shows. For anyone interested in purchasing banner spots on the galleries or watermarks on the pictures I have great deals available. For example, having your button on the photos can be had for as little as $2,000 per show. Banner spots above and below the photos can be done on a monthly or permanent basis. A quick check of Google will confirm that any show I shoot and post here ranks in the top five almost every time.

Since we have been checking out rates to fly from Chicago to Barcelona to Amsterdam and back to Chicago I will pass along a little tip. The average cost if we use the same airlines for all the destinations has been around $1,300 per person. If you book from the US to Barcelona, then from Amsterdam (or Germany if attending Oktoberfest) you can save almost $300 by utilizing Vueling Airlines to get you from Barcelona to Amsterdam. They have three flights a day that average about $100, so it makes sense to at least check them out.

For more information about The Barcelona Summit visit http://www.thebarcelonasummit.com. For more information about Webmaster Access Amsterdam, visit http://www.webmasteraccess.com/.

I hope to see you at one or both of the shows.

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