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2012 Webmaster Access – Amsterdam begins

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

The adult B2B trade show, Webmaster Access Amsterdam will be beginning shortly at the Park Hotel, and yes, I am going to miss it. I have been going to Amsterdam every year since 2007 and have truly enjoyed every experience. As it happens, I have things to do here at home so I will have to settle for looking through my photos of shows past and enjoy the memories.

The Webmaster Access schedule looks like it will be a good show with a great mix of education, networking and parties. One of the highlights of the show has to be the 2012 GFY Awards at the Little Buddha Bar on Saturday night. It was a total blast last year. I was nominated for the GFY Hall of Fame, but I have my doubts that is going to happen. If it does, I will have to hope someone retrieves the award for me.

These photos are a few from the 2011 Webmaster Access. (more…)

Webmaster Access 2011 Review

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Webmaster Access 2011 is an adult B2B trade show that was held at the Park Hotel in Amsterdam from September 16-19, 2011. While it seems like every show has chatter suggesting “this must be the last one,” it would be difficult to attend Webmaster Access and come away feeling that way. If anything, this show seems to grow each year.

The Venue

For the second straight year, Webmaster Access was held at the Park Hotel. Once again, I stayed off-site so I will not comment on the accommodations other than to say that I heard the same talk as last year. Small rooms. Well, it is Europe. I have found very few hotels with rooms the size we have become accustomed in the states.

The hotel itself is nice. I had little cause to interact with the staff, but whenever I did it was pleasant. My favorite feature of the hotel is their coffee machines. When dealing with time zone changes, those little machines were lifesavers.

Dutch Webmaster Meeting

It is my understanding that this was the second Dutch Webmaster Meeting. Apparently there was a scheduling conflict, so the organizers got together with AVN and made the Dutch Webmaster Meeting as the first day of Webmaster Access. I have to admit, I was impressed. While the days of adult trade shows with booths seem to be dwindling, the Dutch Webmaster Meeting had a room full of them. For a second time around, this event was quite impressive. (more…)

Photos from day two of Webmaster Access 2011

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

These photos are from day two of the adult webmaster B2B conference, Webmaster Access 2011. Since the GFY Awards were held the prior evening, and lasted well into the evening, it was a good thing most of the days events did not begin until afternoon. The day consisted of speed networking, three seminars and the farewell reception.

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