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Naked Dodgeball 2016 photos

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Whether you have attended the Phoenix Forum or not, if you are familiar with one of the adult industry’s most popular trade shows, you most certainly had to have at least heard of the yearly naked dodgeball tournament sponsored by Juicy Ads and Affil4You. This year’s event was a definite highlight of the 2016 Phoenix Forum, if for no other reason than the skillful “cat herding” that was displayed again this year.

They redid the volleyball courts prior to the beginning of the show, so there were fewer boundary lines for the players to pay attention to; and I think the new top made it a little cooler than normal.

Thanks to Affil4You and Juicy Ads for sponsoring the event and to Mobius Payments for sponsoring my photos. (more…)

Naked Dodgeball at The Phoenix Forum 2015

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Arguably the longest running tradition and definitely a crowd favorite at The Phoenix Forum is naked dodgeball. This year the event was sponsored by Juicy Ads and Affil4You, and the contestants definitely gave it their all. As usual, it was blistering hot out on the dodgeball court but the girls fought through the heat and gave everyone a great show. Congratulations to Team Affil4You for a great victory and to Team Juicy Ads for putting up a valiant effort; we all appreciated and enjoyed your efforts.

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Saturday at the 2014 Phoenix Forum

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Saturday at the 2014 Phoenix Forum was a pretty long and busy day which resulted in a lot of photos; so I breaking Saturday up into two galleries for ease of viewing. The adult Internet marketing event started with a new addition to the Phoenix Forum; the Dream Forum. The Dream Forum was a lot like the Meet Market, without the swag. It gave attendees a last chance to get the sponsors in one spot to catch up if they needed to. The morning and afternoon both had seminars and panels as well as a final Speed Networking.

Saturday afternoon the show heated up literally and figuratively as it was probably the hottest day of our stay. A buffet lunch was served up by the pool which was the signal for the fun to begin. The Traffic Junky/Adult Force “Dunk the Hottie” dunk tank drew a crowd; while others opted to participate in the beer pong tournament put on by Badoink. It was then time for the longest running Phoenix Forum event that I can think of, naked dodge ball; hosted by Juicy Ads and Affil4You.

Thanks to all the sponsors for the good time with special thanks to my photo sponsors MojoHost and Mobius Payments. (more…)