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The 2013 Phoenix Forum Closing Party

Monday, April 8th, 2013

A couple of weeks ago a cryptic email was circulating about The Phoenix Forum closing party, with a graphic showing the number 10 and $10,000. There was a lot of speculation, most of it incorrectly suggesting it was the 10th Phoenix Forum (it was the 14th) or that it was the 10th time we met at the Tempe Mission Palms (it was the 9th). Saturday afternoon hints started popping up about a “Casino Carnaval” that would be the closing party for this adult industry event. As it turns out, IMLive was celebrating 10 years in business. I am still not sure what the $10,000 referred to because there had to be a lot more than $10,000 spent by IMLive and CCBill to throw this casino night. It was, beyond a doubt, the best closing party the Phoenix Forum has thrown that I can remember; which was appropriate since this was an amazing few days in Tempe.

I’d like to thank CCBill, the staff of the Tempe Mission Palms, all the show sponsors and the sponsor of my photos, Mobius Payments as well as all the attendees for making this a stellar event. I can’t wait to see what happens next year. (more…)