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Traffic Master Class held by Brad Gosse at XBIZ LA

Thursday, February 10th, 2011
Brad Gosse Traffic Guru

Brad Gosse at XBIZ LA.

Adult industry traffic guru Brad Gosse hosted a Traffic Master Class at XBIZ LA during which he explained step-by-step how to create an SEO optimized auto blog. The steps included how to set up your WordPress blog, how to upload the content to the blog, how to setup your Flickr account, how to get your content and much more. If you missed this class, you missed one you could walk away with increasing your traffic and your income in an easy non time consuming and non spamming way.

I have gone to the XBIZ conferences since the first one in Las Vegas, but this was my first XBIZ LA. In all the classes I have attended, this was one with incredible value for any adult business as well as mainstream. Not only did Brad Gosse go over the steps to use this system and create more traffic and income, he provided everyone there with PDF files with the valuable information, example spreadsheet and some code. Anyone attending walked away with great information that could increase their reach.

The wealth of information provided was valuable even if you did not use it all. Just one step, one piece of code, or adding a social site to your current daily business would benefit anyone attending the class no matter what type of business you run. I started a Flickr account last year but never finished setting it up, I will be later today. Do you think I can get my free Pro account before baddog? If you do not know how to do that, you should have attended the class.

Brad Gosse Butt

Brad Gosse

To anyone attending conferences and skipping the seminars, you are cheating yourself. Anyone not sure if these conferences are valuable, seminars like these are worth the price of admission on their own. There are many opportunities like this that you miss by not attending. And if you see Brad Gosse having a Traffic class at one, it should be on your must do list. Thanks Brad for a wonderful class and XBIZ LA for a great conference. Now I have put Brad Gosse’s butt on the line. 😛