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Adult Mobile Markets Session XBIZ Summit 2011 Chicago

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

The Adult Mobile: Markets, Metrics and Mechanics session at XBIZ Summit was moderated by Christopher O’Connell of The panel consisted of Alexandre of Wister, Christian Kreul of Displayboy GmbH and CEO of and Kieran O’Keeffe CEO of Reporo.

Christopher O’Connell asked about revenue and impressions from the mobile market. Kierian O’Keeffe mentioned that in many countries consumers are getting porn through their mobile devices only. Also, Europeans use phone carrier billing more than credit card billing. Alexandre discussed how using mobile billing over credit card billing is easier for users of mobile devices. Christian Kreul said click to pay was only two clicks and the billing was done. He also mentioned that Africa is an emerging market because they cannot afford personal computers or even smartphones. But you can still market to them and there is a demand for porn, it is human nature. (more…)