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The third annual Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention begins

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

The third annual Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention, AEVC 2014, began Wednesday morning and immediately presented those involved in the internet marketing of adult products with informative presentations and workshops. The day began with a workshop on mobile marketing followed by the opening address by Brian Shuster, Red Light Center CEO. The day continued with a Q & A with Ryan Bagshaw of Gay Hot Movies, and a marketing panel presented by Jo Merlone and Jay Kopita. There was also a panel on the future of the industry featuring Jennifer McEwen, Brian Shuster, Brad Mitchell, Toon Timmermans and Douglas Richter which was moderated by Stephen Yagielowicz.

This is a four day virtual trade show with the first two days being set aside for industry professionals. Besides having informative discussions, the thing I like the best is that even if you cannot take the time to play the virtual world game you can at least turn it on and listen. You never know what you might learn. On schedule for Thursday is a Keynote Address With John Stagliano hosted by Colin Rowntree which I already know will be entertaining, but there are also workshops and panels covering social media, porn politics, how to write a press release and another state of the industry panel by different people with different perspectives. You can download the program and get more information on the AEVC 2014 website. (more…)

Day Two of the Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

The second day I started off trying to learn how to use some of the emotions. The first page of the gallery you will see some of the emotions I tried out. Thank you JoWebArt for giving me some instructions on how to pick the emotions and add them to the quickbar. I also found a video and more instructions by clicking the question mark at the end of the quickbar. Then I took some time to check out some of the exhibitor booths, speaking events and other areas of Utherverse. During the XBIZ presents AEVC Awards After Party featuring DJ Helly Mae Hellfire, I learned how to do more jumping around and standing on rails.