Safer Internet Day fundraiser to be held by ASACP

As announced a few weeks ago, is now a corporate sponsor of ASACP. As such, I will be notifying you of special events targeting a safer Internet for children. You may also notice that I will encourage you to either join ASACP or at least donate a few dollars if you believe in the cause of keeping the Internet safe for children.

That being said, on February 8, 2011 the ASACP Foundation is holding an online fundraiser in an effort to gather donations to enable them to continue its online child protection mission. These donations help the ASACP develop the RTA labeling and filtering software to work with applications for such mobile devices as the Android.

ASACP Safer Internet Day

Please Donate or Join Today

Organized in 2007, Safer Internet Day is organized by Insafe, which is co-funded by the European Union. Insafe is a European network of Awareness Centers promoting safe, responsible use of the Internet and mobile devices to young people. Last year over 500 events in 65 countries participated in Safer Internet Day.

ASACP CEO, Joan Irvine stated, “ASACP and the adult entertainment industry are very proud of their contributions to RTA and online child safety.” Irvine concluded, saying that she wanted to thank EROS Guide, Sureflix, Adult Webmaster Empire, Bijou Video, RK Netmedia, Naughty Tweet Network, and many other companies for participating in Safer Internet Day and the ASACP Foundation fundraiser. Other companies that want to participate in this fundraiser should contact

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