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In light NALEM’s recent announcement that their adult industry trade show photos were being sponsored by ICM Registry and their .XXX sTLD, a press release came out on AVN that stated “only recognized photographers” would be allowed to take commercial photographs at the upcoming Dutch Webmaster Meeting, scheduled for September 16, 2011 in Amsterdam. The “recognized photographers” were JFK, with FUBAR Webmasters, and me, with PimpsPromo. The attitude is that many in the adult industry are against the .XXX sTLD and that party-goers would not feel comfortable having their photos taken then displayed on a website that supported .XXX.

It did not take long for a thread to appear on adult webmaster forum, GFY, and while this announcement seemed to be well-received, a little drama involving PimpsPromo did raise its head. The owner of the Thumblords tube site, ThumbLord, decided that he did not want me taking his photograph and that if I did he would have me “arrested before your plane leaves.”

While I believe [and hope] that this issue has since been resolved, I realize that not everyone reads GFY and even if they begin reading a thread they may not follow it to its conclusion. As a result, I have decided to address the issue of the photographs I take and how to get them removed.

PimpsPromo attempts to give the viewer a realistic view of what they would see if they attended the show or event I am covering. This means I pretty much take photos of everything I see. This might include a photo of a seminar session, a group of webmasters posing for a photo or a nice looking chocolate chip cookie. When I enter the show, nothing is off limits.

If someone does not want their photo taken, all they have to do is tell me and I will do my best to keep them out of the frame of the photo. Now, if they decide to pose with a group of people then all bets are off. It is not fair to the other people in the photo that just because one person does not want their photo published that the photo should be deleted. That is not going to happen. If I happen to photograph you by accident, it happens, all you have to do is notify me by email, with a link to the page the photo is on along with the photo ID found under each photo, I will remove it immediately.

I worked with JFK for seven years and I know he has the same policy as I do. Neither of us wants to go through the trouble of putting up a photograph only to remove it later. So, if you tell us ahead of time we do our best to avoid you. Sometimes when shooting I do not even notice who is in the photo until after the fact when I go through them for posting. If I see someone that is the primary subject of the photo and I know they do not want to be online, I remove them. Sometimes they are missed and that is unintentional. There is no need to bring law enforcement into it. They are not going to do anything anyway.

JFK of FUBARWebmasters.com stated, “I have worked with baddog for approximately seven years. In that time I have not received one complaint about his behavior at any show. He has been courteous and respectful of people’s privacy when requested. I am confident that this policy is continuing now and in the future.”

Please remember that just because you know who I am this does not necessarily mean I remember your name. I may even know your real name but do not know the alias you use on webmaster boards, so do not expect that a “notice” given on a webmaster board is not going to be sufficient. Approach me at the show and I will honor your request. If you happen to be in the background of a photo taken of someone or something else I am not going to remove the photo but if it is of you there will be no delay.

I hope to see you at the next show and be sure to smile.

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