Photos from the 2015 Ynot Grand Prix – The Phoenix Forum

Quickly becoming a tradition, the Ynot Grand Prix was held Wednesday evening as one of the kickoff events for The Phoenix Forum 2015. The event was held at Octane Raceway in Scottsdale where they have a 1/3 mile track with both indoor and outdoor sections.

Food and drinks were provided along with the networking opportunities. The Ynot Grand Prix sponsors were Juicy Ads, Dating Factory, Badoink Cash, Well Hello!, Dyn, FNCash and iCan4Consumers. It was an evening of sun fun racing with the eventual winners being Jorgen, Juicy Jay and Chris Alex in the finals.

The Phoenix Forum is officially starting Thursday and the Tempe Mission Palms is already filling up with attendees. I would like to thank my photo sponsor, Mobius Payments; for processing solutions, check out Mobius Payments. We use them ourselves. There are still photo sponsorships available with the ability to let you sponsor individual events. Look for baddog at the Tempe Mission Palms if interested.

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