Photos from day 3 of Internext Expo 2013

These photos are from day three of the adult Internet industry’s largest B2B event, Internext Expo 2013. Day three was the last day of Internext and it consisted of Speed Networking, seminars, panels and workshops; covering topics such as Content Production Basics, Trends in Hosting and CDN, After the Election: A State of the Industry Discussion as well as billing and dating. The daytime events ended with a “Codependent Cocktail Party” which was essentially a cocktail party for those still at Internext and those arriving early for the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE).

I talked to several people today and asked their opinion of the show overall; the consensus was the same from everyone I spoke to, lots of business was done. While a few years ago there were questions about whether or not Internext could survive. Well, Panos and Theo have done a great job of bringing Internext back to life. There were several hundred more people here this year compared to last, with many new faces as well as many people that have not been around in a while joining in.

The photos from Internext Expo 2013 have been sponsored by MojoHost, a leader in managed web hosting.

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