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At the beginning of June Pink Visual announced the launch of, a full service anti-piracy solution for content producers that are tired of seeing their pirated content ending up on tube and torrent sites. Always at the forefront of fighting content piracy, probably due to the amount of their own content being pirated, Pink Visual went to court against many of the larger tube sites and won. As Pink Visual President, Allison Vivas explained, “Litigation occurred between PinkVisual and various tubes. As a portion of the settlement agreements, the tubes agreed to use digital fingerprint filtering as a way to help prevent infringement on user generated content. They had the right to decide which program (truncate or remove). Despite the fact that this was litigation only between PinkVisual and another party, all of those tubes agreed to apply the filtering on any fingerprints in the database, which means all other content owners. Content owners can decide to go beyond the 3 minutes.”

To help make this easy for everyone to participate, DMCA Force is offering to digitally fingerprint your video content for free. The fingerprint technology is Vobile Inc’s technology and DMCA Force simply came up with a way to make it easy for content producers to implement it since there is some difficulty in creating the digital fingerprint. DMCA Force uses the Vobile API to get the digital fingerprint implemented. Once it is in place tubes and torrents must either remove your content or truncate it to no more than three minutes. Truncating can cost thousands every month, so this sounds like a pretty logical solution to me; but I am not a content producer.

So, what exactly is a digital fingerprint and how is it added to your video? Well, just like your fingerprints are not added to your hand, the digital fingerprint is not added to the video, but rather is taken from the video as a small sampling of audio and visual waves. These waves are mapped out and prevent people from trying to trick the system by reversing the video. Science wins again.

The services provided by include creating and managing your digital fingerprints as well as assisting in determining who is pirating your content so you know where to send your DMCA’s. In that vein, DMCA Force will send out DMCA Takedown Notices, and follow up as necessary to get infringements removed. Google DMCA notification is also included. Vobile, Inc. and Audible Magic, Corp are the preferred fingerprint solutions that DMCA Force works with, but they can work with others if you ask.

DMCA Force offers additional services such as copyright registration, evidence gathering and evaluation as well as testing your website for security issues.

As Allison Vivas pointed out on GFY, fighting piracy is going to take multiple avenues and DMCA Force handles several of them. DMCA Force has done the hard part for you, so you can either take advantage of their free service; or you can do nothing, send out DMCA’s on your own, or try taking the tubes and torrents pirating your content to court and maybe get a decision in your favor. sounds like the logical choice.

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