Day 3 of the 2013 Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention

These images are from Friday, day three of the second annual Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention, AEVC 2013. Friday was the third day of the four day virtual convention and was designated as the B2C day. Since AEVC 2013 is being held in the Red Light Center and it is very extensive with many areas I have yet to stumble upon, I can not really say that I noticed where all the consumers were hanging out, but I did see numbers of upwards of 2,700 people there, so I guess there was a larger crowd than the days prior. I noticed that the Meet & Greet Hour with the Princess of Porn, Seka, seemed to be pretty active.

On the education side, there were three seminars/panels. The day started with a “Legal Update and a Look Forward” presentation by Greg Piccionelli, Esq.; followed by “The Digital Age of Adult Entertainment: A Look at the Future” with Greg Clayman, Brian Shuster, Douglas Richter, Quentin Boyer and Kim Nielsen. Moderated by Greg Piccionelli, Esq and “The World’s Oldest Profession goes Virtual: A WG Panel Discussion” with Eros, Saphyre Rose, Vamp White Dove and Elle St.Claire. Moderated by Anna Lee. The evening ended with the Wasteland/ party.

Saturday will be the fan show with an awards show later in the afternoon. It is free to attend, so if it is too cold to go outside, you might want to check it out. You can register at

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Back to Day Three of 2013 AEVC Photos

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