2012 National Go Topless Day at Venice Beach

Sunday was the 5th Annual National Go Topless Day was held in cities around the world, including Venice Beach, CA. I was there last year and it seemed to me like there were fewer people this year. Perhaps it was the lack of counter-protesters this year; less commotion resulted in fewer participants. There were definitely impromptu participants, so I suspect my theory is correct.

People asked me what this is all about, and this is what it boils down to; nipples. For some reason, if women wear those little pasties that look like a nipple they are not violating any laws; if the nipple is bare, then the woman is subject to arrest and in some cases could be forced to register as a sex offender. All for a couple square inches of flesh. Interesting, huh? Enjoy the photos, and I will return next year.

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