Social Marketing Session XBIZ Summit 2011 Chicago

The Social Marketing session on day one of the Xbiz Summit covered profiting from alternative traffic sources like Myspace, Twitter and Facebook. The panel was Moderated by Peter Housley CEO of Naughty Tweet Network. The panel included Kelly Shibari from The PRSM Group, Lauren MacEwen from 7 Veils Media , Joanne Cachapero Membership Director at Free Speech Coalition, Christophe Peyras aka Frenchie from Streamate, Sam from, and Paige Little from

The session started with suggestions on how to be successful on Twitter. Kelly Shibari suggests that you be personal, reply to tweets @ you and post news and videos that you find interesting. Joanne Cachapero agreed that you need to show off your personality as well as posting videos and news. She also felt Myspace is considered to be dead pretty much at this point. Lauren MacEwen suggests you access your end users through twitter and that customers like being able to tweet you. She suggests you build sales by making connections through Twitter and if your customers like you they will tell their friends. Sam suggests you have contests and give things away to your Twitter followers.

Kelly Shibari mentioned not to focus on your number of followers, saying “Numbers are not important and follower loyalty is better than having many followers.” She also suggested that Twitter has younger demographics and Facebook has more graduates so better ROI. Paige Little discussed how adult businesses have to compete with the free content. She said “Tweeting lets people know you are real.” She tweets around six to eight times a day.

Peter Housley asked some of the panel members what mistakes they have made when they first started Twitter. Joanne Cachapero said “Not being personal.” Her fix was to tweet as a real person, be authentic and do not just promote your business. Paige Little said her mistake was not utilizing it as much as she should have been. Her fix was to tweet more and share photos. Kelly Shibari said her first mistake was making it all about sex and photos. Her fix was to show more of her personality and not so many photos. She also mentioned you should adopt mainstream rules, do not post nude photos because complaints will get you banned. All panel members agreed not to just use to promote your business.

The attendees of this session were able to get many other great suggestions like Sam suggested not making fake accounts, pictures drive Twitter, and to make sure to tweet links. Peter Housley went over some of the Twitter no no’s:

1. No Nude anything!
2. No bestiality or obscene photos or videos.
3. No spamming.

Lauren MacEwen suggests using list to organize people, so you can find the tweets you want to read. Like new followers you could put in a new followers list so you can see if you want to follow them and where they fit in to your other lists.

The panel was asked where to learn more on how to use twitter and Kelly suggests you can find many articles at on Twitter. Lauren suggested putting your questions about Twitter in to find many videos on how to use Twitter.

See the tweets about the Xbiz Summit on twitter at and you can follow any of the panel members on Twitter:
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