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Friday at the 2013 Phoenix Forum

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

The 14th annual Phoenix Forum continued in full swing Friday, and this place is packed. When I spoke with the people doing the registrations I was told there were over 1,100 people registered at this point. This coincides with what others have suggested; that being that this seems to be the largest Phoenix Forum so far.

The day consisted of seminars and a lot of networking out in the courtyard; including the lunch buffet and the Sponsor Meet Market. Of course, the snack shacks are back and they even opened a couple hours early! I heard no complaints about that. The photos from this show are sponsored by merchant accounts provider, Mobius Payments. (more…)

Day one of the 2013 Phoenix Forum

Friday, April 5th, 2013

These photos are from Thursday at the adult industry B2B trade show, the 2013 Phoenix Forum. The day consisted primarily of registration and seminars, followed up by the Hooters Party and welcome reception. Later that night was the Cybersocket kickoff party and of course, the late night poker and party suites.

This show seems to be one of the larger events we have seen in Tempe. There appears to be close to 1,000 people and everyone seems intent on doing some business or gaining some knowledge.These photos are sponsored by Mobius Payments merchant processing. (more…)

Webmasters descend upon Tempe for The Phoenix Forum 2013

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Members of the adult Internet Industry are arriving in Tempe, AZ for the 2013 Phoenix Forum which is being held at the Tempe Mission Palms for the 9th consecutive year. While the adult webmaster event does not really start until Thursday, there was plenty happening for those that arrived early; including the annual golf tournament and the continuation of the YNOT Grand Prix.

Since I wanted to be here early Wednesday and I was driving in with goodgirl and the dogs, we left Tuesday and drove out to Palm Springs to get a jump on the drive. There are a few photos from our stop at Babe’s and a couple celebrities I ran into.

When we arrived in Tempe early on Wednesday afternoon it seemed rather slow at the Mission Palms, presumably because many were at the golf tournament, so we took the time to walk around Tempe a little, get some food and visit World of Beer. (more…)